Love & Friendship


Valentine’s Day will soon be here and to celebrate this special date Tiny Turtles had a jolly party! They got to exchange valentine’s letters (made by them) with their friends; they enjoyed a yummy snack and got the visit of the mail man, who gave them a special treat. Kiddos also exchanged candy with their friends, learning about sharing and friendship.

Also, on Tuesday we had a celebration in our classroom. Luis Lucas was our super kid! This little fellow turned two on February 6th, and we were so happy to celebrate his birthday! Everyone sang Happy Birthday. He was surrounded by all of his friends and his mommy, daddy and big sister Victoria. Luis Lucas got a super kid crown and the magic rocket ride, courtesy of Mr. Mike. After this everyone had a yummy tasty cupcake, such a sweet treat what a great way to end of our busy day. Luis Lucas we want to wish you all the best, all the joy and happiness for such a cute and sweet boy! We love you very much!

This week in our Exploration department, little ones got to draw and play on a magnetic chalkboard, reviewing the concept of teacher and shapes. We also had a little bit of a role play activity for our doctor & nurse theme, kids played and explored the doctor’s  cart and kit. For the dentist theme we made some “Dentures” out of apples, marshmallows and vanilla frosting with a drop of red food coloring. Today children gave their valentines card to the friend each of them chose this past week, they also got some envelopes and letters so they could place them in the mailbox.

In our creativity class with Miss Cristy, turtles made a heart collage and a garbage truck, they pasted a window, wheels, lights, and cabin. Another activity that they had a blast with was with the “Doctor’s kit” made out of construction paper and cotton, gauze, tongue suppressor, tape, and a band aid. On Wednesday we had the “Construction worker” theme and children were really into role playing just like them, everyone got some “tools” and a piece of Styrofoam so they could practice their little builder skills. Oral hygiene & dentist is such an important and fun theme to discuss with the turtles, they loved to get a toothbrush and clean (with toothpaste and water) some cavities on the smiles they found pasted on our tables.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!!


Books we loved this week: “The wheels on the bus”/ “Five little monkeys”/ “Little ambulance”/ “Little People Construction Zone”/ “Bananas in Pajamas All Aboard”/ “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist”

Vocabulary words: Teacher & love/ Doctor & Nurse/ Construction worker/ Oral hygiene- Dentist/ Mailman visit- Valentine’s Day party: Community Helpers Centers.

Our topics for next week will be: Introduce transportation/ Relate land vehicles to community helpers/ Firefighters visit/ Air transportation/ Water transportation





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