Love and Friendship

This week the Tiny Turtles got to enjoy Valentine’s Day so much. We celebrated this special holiday with a fun party! The kids exchanged candy and cookies with their friends; they enjoyed a snack and got a visit from the mail man (Mr. Mike), who gave them a special treat. These activities helped encourage sharing and friendship.

We also celebrated two birthdays; Enrique turned 2 on Thursday, and Aitana on Friday. Everyone had a blast during the celebrations. Enrique threw a big birthday party at kinder with a show from the “Gallinita Pintadita.”.

This week, during Exploration, we had fun with the doctor and nurse topics. The kids played with the doctor’s kit.

During Circle time, Mr. Mike had some of the Tiny Turtles role play to the book “The Lady With The Alligator Purse.”

This week, we also reviewed land vehicles with a street map that we created for them. They played with some cars, bicycles, trains, etc. The kids also enjoyed the youtube video “All go traveling by.”

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby.

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