Love and Friendship…Valentine´s Day!

This past week our Terrific Tigers learned a lot about community helpers. We talked about teachers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, oral hygiene and dentists, and finally, about what a mailman does.  They have loved these topics since they are able to dress up as each one of these characters and even role play their part with their classmates! This is one of our toddler´s favorite activities!

During Creativity Class they worked on thier Heart posters for the party on Friday, printing out different sizes and colors of hearts on a big cardboard paper. They also enjoyed making a Doctor´s bag, with some of the items they might find in a First Aid Kit! One of their favorites this week was using a hard had and pretending to be a construction worker, while using different kinds of toy tools, such as hammers, nails, saws, & screwdrivers.  Finally, on Thursday they ejoyed pretending to be dentists and cleaned up a smile which had “cavities”! They even made a mouth using two slices of apples for a mouth, frosing, and mini marshmallows for the teeth!

Our Physical Development classes are greatly enjoyed by our little ones and they have been working on different kinds of movements, such as climbing, jumping, running, hopping, etc.,, all with the rythem of the music they enjoy so much!

Stories read to them this week include: It´s School time, The Magic School Bus, Jaime Visits the Nurse, Let´s Visit the Doctor´s Office, Down by the Station, Just Going to the Dentisst, Visit the Dentist, and A Visti to the City. They are really interested in listening during Story Time.

Leaders for this week included Eduardo, Lazaro, Andres and Eva.

Of course, the main attraction for our students this week was the special Valentine´s party we had at school on Friday! Several moms provided the refreshments and drinks and we had different centers to go to during the morning, such as a PostOffice, a Fire Station, and hitting a piñata outside! It was wonderful to see how our students sat down in a circle and shared some treats they brought for each other on this special day. They are now able to take turns and wait patiently.

Next week we will be talking about transportation.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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