Love and Friendship

February is here! A month that represents love and friendship, with lots of new vocabulary words to learn. During this month we will have several visits from community helpers such as: Police officer, mailman, firefighter, and rescue team. On Wednesday police officers visited Toddler Tree kinder and gave a brief explanation on safety and traffic signals. The kids were very excited to get in the patrol car.

This week in Exploration children enjoyed playing with construction helmets and tools, and also they played with community helpers puppets. One of this week’s topics was “baker” so today kids were all into decorating cookies. We spread frosting on their cookie and then top them off with some sprinkles.

Garbage collector was another topic on this week’s list, and turtles had a special activity. The kids got to the classroom and found lots of wrappers (playing the part of trash) laying on the floor, and everyone helped picking it up. Kiddos enjoyed and learned o put the garbage in the trashcan.

Vocabulary words: Family review – introduce friends/ Love & Friendship- Valentine- friends/ Police officer’s visit/ Garbage collector/ Review Love & Friendship- Baker.

Our topics for next week will be: Teacher & love/ Doctor & Nurse/ Construction worker/ Oral hygiene- Dentist/ Mailman visit- Valentines Day party: Community Helpers Centers.



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