Love and Friendship!!

February, a new month!! We’ve started learning all about love, friendship and Valentines. Even story time has included lots of hugs between our Busy Bees. They enjoyed some of the books this week such as: I Love You Mommy, Who Do You Love and Corduroy´s Party.

During exploration, they worked on their fine motor skills and improving concentration and focus by threading different color hearts on pipe cleaners. Everyone did a great job!!

Busy Bees had lots of fun during art, we used different techniques, including: gluing small paper squares to make a fox, coloring some hearts using crayons, and modeling  play dough.

Finally circle time was exiting for them, too. Mr. Mike introduced new love songs using the accordion and the saxophone as well as heart puppets, for them to understand more about friendship and Valentines. They were all paying a lot of attention.

Valentine´s Day celebration is coming up on Wednesday February 14th!! The Party Hosts will provide snacks. Instead of sending a lunchbox on that day, please just send a water thermos or juice.

The kids will exchange Valentines with their friends, we have 12 students in our Busy Bees class so make sure to bring a bag to collect their candy. If you would like to send a special treat for your child’s classmates, don’t forget to label only who it’s from.

Ms. Dany & Ms. Roby


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