Little Foodie Turtles

Dear Tiny Turtle Parents

We had a lot of fun learning about this week’s topics: everything about food!

In creativity class with Miss Cristy our students made a cornucopia using beans, rice, oatmeal and lentils. They loved to color rice with different colors using paint, and after that they were excited to sort it out by colors. Another activity that really amazed them was making corn tortillas; they loved using a “tortilla press” to shape the dough into flat rounds. Children are very interested in experiencing new textures, so it was no surprise when they were really focused on spaghetti painting activity, too.

In exploration time kiddos loved to play with plastic fruits, veggies, grains and protein. They pretended to go to the market, getting baskets to buy some groceries, a great activity to make a review of this month’s topics.

We would like to let you know of our supermarket visit, so tiny turtles can experience firsthand our harvest topics. This activity is planned for next week, we will give you more details within the next days. We would love to see you there!

Books we loved this week: “I will never not ever eat a tomato”/ The Berenstain Bears and “Too much junk food”/ “Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?”/ “Let’s eat!”/

Movie of the week: “Lady and the Tramp”

This week’s vocabulary words were: Pasta- spaghetti-oatmeal-porridge-peas-beans/ Tortillas-rice-crackers-cake-bread-peanuts/ Review fruits and vegetables/ Review proteins and grains/ Review all food

Our topics for next week will be: Introduce Thanksgiving – Sharing/ Pilgrim- Indian, introduce Christmas program/ Turkey – Christmas program practice / Hunt – Fish – Christmas program practice

There will be no classes on Monday November 16th, but we’ll see you all on Tuesday!

Have a great long weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

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