Life is a Dance

Here is a song we enjoy singing and dancing to at Toddler Tree. This is a special request from Emilia. Your kids have practiced it several times now and are able to show you the words and motions.

In class, we stand in the circle and follow the motions to the song. Just in case your child needs reminding, I have included a summary of the lyrics and movements:

Life is a dance, you better clap your hands (clap while singing)

Life is a treat, you better stomp your feet (stomp your feet on the floor)

Life is a breeze, you better pat your knees (pat your knees)

Life is a snap, you better snap, snap, snap (snap fingers- you’ll enjoy watching your toddler try!)

Life is a joy, you better shout “oh, boy!” (jump high with your hands up in the air on the “oh, boy!”)

Every time you hear the chorus: Chickee Chickee Boom, Chickee Chickee Boom, Chickee Chickee Chickee Chickee Boom, Boom, Boom! everybody turns around and flaps their arms like a chicken to arrive in the same place where they started.

The best part is giving each other a great big hug at the end.

We hope you have as much fun singing and dancing together as we do!


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