Let’s go to the Market…

The Tigers learned all about going to the market this week. We started by going over fruits and vegetables, then proceeded to talk about other foods like spaghetti and chicken.

On Thursday, we went to visit H-E-B, where the kids explored and picked produce. Mrs. Maricusa also showed them some fish and a real octopus which got a lot of funny reactions.

Th Terrific Tigers enjoyed our exploration activities this week, especially the ones that involved food. One day we brought a loaf of bread and a toaster. The kids were able to spread different flavors of jelly on the bread.

We also had a great time in art putting together some ears of corn. We also painted some pasta.

We are now getting into Thanksgiving and showing the kids how to share and take turns. So next week we look forward to doing a lot with pilgrims, indians, and turkeys… Gobble, Gobble!


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