Let’s go to the Market!

Tiny Turtles had a lot of fun learning about this week’s topics: everything about food! Children enjoyed their visit to HEB, where they could see and touch fruits and vegetables, they were really into it!

In exploration we made an autumn tree out of white beans, using this season´s colors. On Tuesday kids got to toast bread and chose from three types of jam to spread: apricot, orange and raspberry. Turtles loved our two sensory activities, one of them was a grains sensory box with oatmeal, pasta and lentils; the second activity was and edible mud sensory play in which they got to make a chocolate mix using flour, cocoa, chocolate syrup, brown sugar, water, gummy worms and fettuccine boiled with a few drops of black food coloring. Making messes is so much fun!

During creativity with Miss Cristy our Tiny Turtles made a cornucopia using beans, rice and lentils. They loved to color pasta with different colors and using a paintbrush, after that they were excited to sort it by colors. Another activity that really amazed them was making an apple pie, cutting the dough in the shape of a circle and filling it with apples. Children are very interested in experiencing with new textures, so it was no surprise when they were really focused on their corn project, in which they pasted some kernels using a little bit of glue.

This week was all about balance and coordination in physical development class, children used balance beams, balls, and obstacle course to help their motor gross skills. They love everything that involves constant movement; they are always willing to try new things and full of energy!

We hope you have a great long weekend with your loved ones. Remember: No classes on Monday November 17th… see you on Tuesday!

Vocabulary words: Pasta, spaghetti, oatmeal, porridge, peas, beans, tortillas, rice, crackers, cake, bread, and peanuts.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Sharing, thanksgiving, pilgrim, Indian, turkey and fish.

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