Let’s Go Fishing!

This week besides practicing for our show ”Preschool of Rock”, we learned many things related to sea animals. Big Bears learned about their habitat and the different sounds/movements of each specific creature.

During Exploration, we went “fishing” and were able to practice the name and specific characteristics of animals they pulled out “from the sea”. This was made by picking out plush toys from a bin and reciting information they recall from them.

Our kiddos felt so excited to perform their “Preschool of Rock” presentation, we hope you enjoyed it as much as the kids did. They worked very hard and cherished seeing you there!

Big Bears are looking forward to graduate to be Super Big Bears. We can still remember the first day of school as if it was yesterday. Time passes so fast, and the last day of school is almost here! You can imagine how much we will miss them. Of course, we will be offering      “ TOY STORY ” for our summer camp program this year to further induce practicing English and engage kids in many fun and educational activities.

Next week they will be introduced into the “Summer Fun and the Beach” unit. Big Bears will have the chance to converse about vocabulary involved in activities and themes related to summer.

Please remember that next Tuesday, June 4th is the date of our Parent Teacher Conferences. It is critical to attend meetings like these in order to know what is going on in your child’s development. Throughout the school year we had a goal in our minds and hearts, which we would like to share with you. “A teacher’s purpose is not create students in our own image, but to develop students who can create their own image”.

Have a nice weekend!

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