Learning About Transportation!

This week, our Busy Bees enjoyed reviewing all the types of transportation. We talked about air, water and land transportation, like: airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, rockets, cruise ships, boats, sailboats, cars, buses, motorcycles, fire engines, etc.

The highlight of the week for our little ones were the Rescue Team and Firefighter’s visit! They got to see what the Rescue Team uses to save people when they’re hurt. They also were able to climb into and see the inside of an ambulance.

The kids also watched the firefighters dress up!  Some of our toddlers wanted to dress up as well. The most exciting moment was probably when the kids got to spray water with the fire hose and hear the different sirens!

During our water transportation day, in Creativity, we made paper boats and during recess, our kiddos placed them on the water and watched them float “across the ocean”.

In Physical Development, they also really enjoyed getting inside an inflatable yellow boat and rowing.

Next week we will start learning about Spring!

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. If it´s possible, please collect and send as many eggshells as you can. We will appreciate your help very much!

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

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