Learning about the Farm!

Welcome back! We are happy to be back into our routine again with our wonderful Terrific Tigers once more!  We all had a nice time to relax and rest and are ready to continue with our daily activities until June! Time sure passes by so quickly when we are having so much fun!

April is here and with this new month comes a new theme: we have been talking this week about The Farm. We   have seen new vocabulary words such as farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field,  We also talked about farm food and how the farmers plant & grow food we eat, such as corn and beans. They have understoon that  farm animals give us food as well, such as milk, eggs and butter from the milk! We focused this week on talking about cows and horses.

During Exploration Time they have been really interested in manipulating barn & farm objects, such as , toy animals, and everything related to this theme.  In Creativity Class they started working on their own barn, using a brown paper bag, and painting it with red crayon and they red color. Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm and they have enjoyed “riding” on horses, listening to fun music.  They even wore cowboys hats as well!

Story Time has also been interesting for them with stories related to this theme. Books read this week include: At the Farm; The Big Red Barn; The Little Red Hen; The Farmer in the Dell; & Farmer Grover.

We had lots of fun activities this week. We had two wonderful superkids: Eduardo was our super kid on Tuesday. His parents and grandparents came to our kindergarten to spend this special event with him. An interesting show was played outside with his favorite characters, such as Batman, Spiderman, & Wonderwoman. On Thursday, Gabriel was our Super Kid ! His mommy came to our classroom and shared cupcakes made out of Gabo´s favorite character: Batman! Mr. Mike came to our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday to be a very special part of his birthday crown celebration and brought his special accordion to sing Happy Birthday to both boys!

Another activity done this week was the annual picture. On Wednesday, the indivudual pictures were taken of all the students, and on Thursday the group picture with their teachers.

We will continue with our leader activities until June, since our kids love to bring their surprise in their special suprise bags. Our leaders this week were Eduardo, Gabriel, Lilia María, and Victor.

Next week we will continue talking about The Farm and will focus more on talking about the animals we find there.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Miss Martha is on her maternity leave, since she will have her baby in May. Miss Mely will be working in our group with us in the place of Miss Martha. We are really happy to have her in our group!


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