Learning about the Farm!

This week we have been talking this week about The Farm!  We  have seen new vocabulary words such as farmer, crops, animals, barn, fence, pond, hay, field,  We also talked about farm food and how the farmers plant & grow food we eat, such as corn and beans. They have understood that  farm animals give us food as well, such as milk, eggs and butter from the milk! We focused this week on talking about cows and horses.

During Exploration Time they have been really interested in manipulating barn & farm objects, such as , toy animals, and everything related to this theme.  In Creativity Class they started working on their own barn, using a brown paper bag, and painting it with red crayon and they red color. Physical Development Class has also been lots of fun for them since the music has been related to the farm and they have enjoyed “riding” on horses, listening to fun music.  They even wore cowboys hats as well!

Story Time has also been interesting for them with stories related to this theme. Books read this week include: At the Farm; The Big Red Barn; The Little Red Hen; The Farmer in the Dell; & Farmer Grover.

Next week we will continue talking about The Farm and will focus more on talking about farm foods and how plants grow!

A friendly reminder that this week we will have our annual pictures taken on Thursday and Friday!


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