Learning about Firefighters and the Dentist!

This week was very exciting because we had two visits. On Wednesday, the San Pedro firefighters visited Toddler Tree. The firefighters showed the kids all their equipment, and their fire truck. They even let the kids squirt water out of the hose.

Then, on Friday, we had two dentists visit Toddler Tree. They gave a really nice presentation about oral hygene and how you should brush your teeth.

For other activities, during exploration, we did all sorts of fun stuff. We played with transportation toys and puzzles. On firefighter day we made some “fires” we placed red and orange tissue paper on white paper, and sprayed water on it. That way the paint leaked into the paper.

Also, on constrution worker day, the Tiny Turtles loved playing with helmets and tools.

During creativity, we made “apple stamps.” The kids used a real apple and red paint, they stamped it and made the apple shapes.

For the construction worker day, we used different colored crayons so they practiced their gross motor skills using different types of tools. Finally, the kids practiced the right way to brush their teeth. They used a real brush and toothpaste!

This week kids were full of energy! So we were very active during physical development.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby



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