Learning about different kinds of animals!

As we continue to talk about winter and the cold weather, this week our Terrific Tigers learned about forest animals and different kinds of animals that live in the cold weather. Things got a little “chilly” in our classroom this week as we explored penguin world and arctic animals. Vocabulary words included this week were: penguins, polar bear, baby beluga, ice water, cave, and forest animals, such as squirrel, fox, raccoon, and bear.

This week we had a variety of activities that involved brown bears, polar bears, raccoons and giraffes! They were very excited to paint the spots on their giraffes as well as to decorate their very own scarfs!

During physical development the Tigers got a chance use their imagination and go over mountains and cross rivers to songs such as “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and “We´re Going on a Bear Hunt.”

They also got to learn about the penguin world through Happy Feet and The March of the Penguins. They really enjoyed dancing to the music from the  Happy Feet  movie!

Story Time has  become a very interesting part of their morning. Books read this week include: Frosty the Snowman, Who´s Forest is This?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?, Who Lives There? Baby Wild Animals.

Our proud leaders this week were Eva, Gonzalo, Kento, and Emma.

Finally, the children used their creativity in art to make invitations for grandparents day. They used cars to paint and mix colors over craft paper and then used their finger prints to decorate the frame! We hope they made it to Grandma’s hands and look forward to their visit on Wednesday.

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