Last day of school!

IMG-20150612-WA0080Today was our last day of school, so many mixed emotions…We feel happy and excited for the next step in your childs’ educational journey, but at the same time we feel a little bit sad because we’re going to miss those daily hugs and listening to their lovely laughs. They filled our classroom with joy and happiness; so many memories will stay with us, so many happy moments. We truly enjoyed every minute we had with our tiny turtles, every single one of them is unique and very special to us.

This week was all about having fun, and enjoying some of the activities your kids like best. In exploration time they played with a toy cruise ship and bicycle, with lego blocks, puzzles, sand box (with strainers, shells and starfish) and cars.

In creativity time with Miss Cristy children were super entertained placing rubber bands on a piece of cardboard, an activity that helps to develop their fine motor skills. They also got to paint the same cardboard with rubber bands, this was used to make a print on their father’s day present. They love to use rollers with different prints like stars, circles, squares, etc. Another activity that they absolutely adore is the “roll the ball in the box” they put a piece of paper inside the box and then they were given a golf ball full of paint. Turtles had so much fun moving the box up and down, side to side, and shaking it all around. Children couldn’t be more excited with the present they made for their dads, they worked on this project the whole week and everything was made by them and chosen by them, including the color of the bow!

Our tiny turtles had a blast at our water party today, they loved to go down on the water slide and make a big splash on their way down. We have some nice pictures to share with you, please check them out on our facebook page. Your little ones also enjoyed some special and tasty treats, a yummy vanilla ice cream cone which they enjoyed while viewing the video of their “seasons of love” dance. We also gave them some popcorn at the end of the day.

It’s been quite a journey! We feel blessed and fortunate of being your kids teachers for this past school year, we will always cherish those beautiful moments with them, forever in our hearts. We also want to thank you for entrusting us with your childs education, here at Toddler Tree that’s our absolute and foremost priority, our number one mission. We love our tiny turtles, we are super proud of their achievements, and they will be greatly missed!

Thank you for a great year!

Love always,

Miss Judy, Miss Nancy and Miss Karen.


Books we read this week: “Row your boat”/ “Spring is here”/ “What if”/ “Clap your hands”/ “I love you, good night”.


Vocabulary words: Riding fun: trike, bike, skates, scooter/ Traveling: suitcase, car, airplane, ship/ Fun at the beach/ Fun in the water/ Last day of school: Summer fun!.

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