Keeping warm with our winter clothes!

We want to give a warm welcome to our newest Tiny Turtle Mauricio Bichara Benavides! We are so happy to have you in our class, we’ll make sure you have a great experience here at Toddler Tree kinder! 🙂

Tiny turtles learned all about winter clothing this week, and we had special activities designed for them, in which they played and learned at the same time.

During Exploration, our little ones had fun dressing up a teddy bear using winter clothes like: scarf, jacket, mittens, and winter cap. This activity allowed them to learn the concepts of the week while reviewing body parts.

The concepts of this week were all related to winter clothing and in our Creativity department Miss Cristy incorporated some fun activities to review our weekly theme.       One activity that they particularly loved was the “winter dress up”, making the outline of a body, and painting craft paper with crayons, markers and paint. We made winter clothing items with the paper kids made: scarf, hat, jacket, boots, pants and mittens. Our students had a blast pasting the pieces of clothing on their person, and giving the finishing touch with some googly eyes and a mouth made out of a red pipe cleaner. Snow is a concept present in this month’s objectives, and yesterday turtles got to experience it a little bit while playing with artificial “snow”. This cold, moldable mixture was made by mixing hair conditioner and baking soda.

Have a nice weekend!

Books we loved this week:”The laughing snowman”/ “What will you wear Claude?”/ “Fuzzy Bear”.

Movie of the week: “Frozen”

Video of the week:

Vocabulary words: winter clothes and shoes:boots/ Coat – jacket/ Mittens – gloves/ Cap – hat/ Winter review

Our topics for next week will be: Penguins- ice, water, cave/ Forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon)/ Bear- Polar Bear/ Whales- Beluga/ Animals review


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