Keeping Warm with our Winter Clothes

Tiny turtles learned all about winter clothing this week, and we had special activities designed for them, in which they played and learned at the same time.

During Exploration, our little ones had fun dressing up using winter clothes like: scarf, jacket, mittens, and winter cap. This activity allowed them to learn the concepts of the week while reviewing body parts.

The concepts were all related to winter clothing and in our Creativity department we incorporated some fun activities to review our weekly theme. Turtles had a blast using water colors for the first time. We painted a mitten and pasted pompoms. Everyday kids are more interested in new activities and textures. We are very proud of them!

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia

Vocabulary words: winter clothes and shoes: boots/ Coat – jacket/ Mittens – gloves/ Cap – hat/ Winter review

Our topics for next week will be: Penguins- ice, water, cave/ Forest animals (squirrel, fox, raccoon)/ Bear- Polar Bear/ Whales- Beluga/ Animals review

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