Keeping warm in winter!

This week was all about winter and winter clothing. Turtles learned some basic items related to the season, like boots, coat, jacket, mittens, gloves, cap and hat.

For exploration time, children had fun with our winter clothing activity, in which they had to dress a big teddy bear using a scarf, jacket, winter cap, sweater, mittens and socks. Sorting socks was so much fun! Kids loved to find the pair out of the colorful bunch. Our tiny turtles like their creativity class very much and this week was no exception. They made cool projects like a “Winter city”, they pasted some houses made out of different shapes, and they made some glittery snow using glue, glitter and a paintbrush. The “Northern lights” project was so much fun to make; children used kraft and black paper, chalk and cotton to create some cool effects.

Our students are always eager to go to their gym class, and this week they enjoyed playing musical instruments, also making towers and practicing their balance with some color cloth blocks. Hoola hoops was a big hit too, they love to jump in and out, to hold it up and down, side to side, twist and to shake it all around.

“Little Snowman” by Kiboomu was this week’s song and kiddos asked to see the video again and again!

Books we read this week: “Snowplace like home”, “Biscuit’s walk in the woods”, “Fuzzy bear”, and “What will you wear, Claude?”

Vocabulary words: Winter clothes & shoes: boots, Coat/ jacket, Mittens/ Gloves, Cap/ Hat, Penguins – Ice, water, cave.

Next week vocabulary words: Winter review, forest animals (squirrel, fox, and raccoon), bear/ polar bear, whales – beluga, penguins – ice, water, cave.

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