June Newsletter


Down by the sea

Vacations & Summer Fun

Water animals

Sea life

Traveling, summer fun.


Fish, whale, shark, marine turtle, sea horse, sea shell, octopus, starfish, sea, ocean, beach,

Sand, swimming suit, octopus, seal, lobster, crab, vacation, swim, squeeze, run, walk, play, kick, paddling.


Review all colors

Math Skills

Identifying numbers: 1,2,3,

Role counting 1-20

Review all shapes

Science Discoveries

Observe how special plastic animals enlarge when dropped in water.

Fine Motor Skills

Play in water (sail beats, sea shells, and toys)

Pour liquids


Baby Beluga, The Berenstain Bears, Too Much Vacation, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, To Catch a Little Fish.


Wet/dry, over/under

Physical Development Objectives

Practice balance, corporal image, rhythm, reaction, running, sliding, hit, roll and dodge

Fine Arts Skills

Painting techniques: Sponges, paintbrushes, rollers, string yarn, q-tips,etc.

Action Verbs

Go fishing, play with water and plastic water animals


Last day of School June 14

Parent-Teacher conferences June 17 & 18

Value of the Month

Respect and sharing

Super Kids

Emile Misrachi            June 24th


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