June 2014 Newsletter

It is already our last newsletter for this school year! We are looking forward to finishing with the theme “Fun in the Sun.” The kids will have a chance to get familiar with beach-related vocabulary before summer vacations are here.

  • Last day of school for students and pajama day: Friday, June 13
  • Parent-teacher conferences scheduled for June 16-17, between 8:00am and 12:00pm

Theme: Summer Fun   Main Topics: Vacations on the Beach

Vocabulary: sandcastle, surfing, swimming, beach, sand, shovel, pail, sandals, bike, trike, skates, gear, waves, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming pool, towel, swimsuit, beach ball

Language Patterns: I can, I can´t, May I…, this, these, that, those.

Books: The Little Mermaid, Sea Creatures, Where Are You Going?, Baby Beluga, Snappy Numbers, Donald Duck at the Beach, Bananas in Pajamas, The Magic Fish

Concepts: Near/Far, Deep/Shallow, Here/There, Wet/Dry

Action Verbs: Swim, Swing, Travel, Fly, Play

Colors: Yellow and Blue, review all

Math Skills: Identifying numbers 1-10, Rote counting 1-30

Science discoveries: Exploring sand and water tables

Fine Motor Skills: Pouring liquids, drinking water from cups

Physical Development: Team games: relay races, throwing/catching and bouncing balls

Fine Arts Skills: Model ocean life using sand, clay and paper.

Music: We’re Gonna Have Some Fun Today, Under the Sea, Henry the Octopus, Baby Beluga, Rainbow of Colors

Drama: Role play beach activities

Value of the month: Fairness

Parent Teacher Conferences Tigers: June 16 & 17

Birthdays:     Santiago Duran….June 6

Emiliano Leal…….June 28

Rocco de la Pena…..July 9

  • This year’s 6 week Disney Summer Days Camp will begin on Monday, June 23rd. We look forward to having a great time!
  •  Also, the 2014-2015 school year will be starting classes on Monday, August 25.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us. We all feel extremely blessed to work with them and to be part of your family’s life.

Have a wonderful summer!


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

-Chinese proverb

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