June 2014 Newsletter

Theme: Summer Fun

Main Topics: Vacations on the Beach

Vocabulary: sandcastle, surfing, swimming, beach, sand, shovel, pail, sandals, bike, trike, skates, gear, waves, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming pool, towel, swimsuit, beach ball

Language Patterns: May I, Show me, Please help, Buckle up

Books: The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, The Magic Fish, Sea Creatures, Baby Beluga

Concepts: Here, There, This, That, These, Those

Action Verbs: Swim, Swing, Travel, Fly, Play

Colors: Yellow and Blue, review all

Math Skills: Identifying numbers 1-15, Rote counting 1-31

Science discoveries: Discovering water: wet/dry, float/sink, melting ice

Fine Motor Skills: Pouring liquids, drinking water from cups

Physical Development:

Fun group games, such as The Mulberry Bush, Tag, Lobo Lobito…

Fine Arts Skills: Model ocean life using sand, clay and paper.

Music: We’re Gonna Have Some Fun Today, Under the Sea, Beyond the Sea, Once I Caught a Fish

Drama: Role play beach activities

Value of the month: Fairness

Birthdays: Emile June 24



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