January Week 2

During this week we reviewed winter vocabulary: snowflakes, snowman, and winter clothes. The kids were able to differentiate between winter and summer clothing items.

Also we reviewed opposites and naming differences between shapes around us.

Big Bears enjoyed a unique science experiment: making snow! It is amazing how real it felt. They also had a lot of fun doing different art projects related to winter.

Big Bears learned a new rhyme:

“Snowflakes, Snowflakes”

Snowflakes, snowflakes

dance around,

Snowflakes, snowflakes

touch the ground,

Snowflakes, snowflakes

in the air,

Snowflakes, snowflakes


Next week we will learn about forest animals, bear/polar bear, penguins, whales/beluga, ice, water, cave.

Big Bears will also practice pre-writing and cutting skills. We are sure they will love the different fun activities we will be doing.

We celebrated Maria Ximena┬┤s Birthday on Friday!! Her parents came with a lovely cake to share and we all participated in making her crown and in celebrating together.

Take care and have fun over the weekend!

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