January snow!!

We are very excited to welcome all our Busy Bees! We are greatly looking forward to keep working and having lots of fun. During this week we were excited to welcome two new members to our Bees family, Rorro Elizondo and Hermann Reimers! They quickly adapted to the group and all together they have thoroughly been enjoying their time together!

They have been having a lot of fun learning about the winter and winter sports. Vocabulary words learned during this topic: snow, snowman, snowflake, hot, cold, sledding, skiing and skating.

One fun activity for them was to make fake snow. They also had so much fun playing with the ice plate. Plastic toys would ski down the hill.

In Creativity they have been busy practicing different art elements such as stamping with corks, painting with brushes, drawing with crayons, pasting little papers and manipulating play dough. We also work on a melting snowman using paint, and glue. They did a great job!

During story time we try hot chocolate. Story Time has become a nice part of their routine and it is wonderful to see how most of the Busy bees remain seated during the entire story when it is being read to them! They enjoy it so much because we always try to make it dynamic. Stories this week included: Snow, The Snowy Day, Frosty The Snowman, Polar bear and The laughing Snowman.

A new activity for them, done in Busy Bees, is Cooperative Play, where they work as a group, learning to take turns and sharing their material.

Our theme for next week include, winter clothes.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Roby

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