“It’s a Zoo out Here!”

Last week of jungle animals!  Tiny turtles learned: crocodile, tiger, kangaroo, bear and rhinoceros. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds and loving the books that had pictures of them in it.

In exploration time kids had fun with the sensory box with grains, plastic grass and plastic jungle animals. Making towers with duplos is always a big hit, as well as the peek a blocks that have little figures inside and turtles love to identify them. Tiny turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals and with the “tower of zoo” toy with a ball.

In creativity time with Miss Cristy continued their “Jungle” project, kids colored their jungle using green and blue crayons & markers. They had a blast making a zebra, giraffe, lion, bird, monkey and crocodile; they used different techniques and materials to make them.

We want to thank you all for your presents, gifts and your appreciation towards us. We feel very blessed to be involved in your child’s education and to get the amazing opportunity of watching their growth day by day. We love being teachers and we want to thank you for entrusting us with the most important and invaluable treasure of all: Your kids!

Books we loved this week: “Jungle Day”/ “In the Jungle”/ “My Jungle Pop-Up Book”/ “Polar Bears don’t swing in the jungle”.

Movies of the week: “Peter Pan”

Vocabulary words: Crocodile/ Tiger/ Kangaroo/ Bear/ Hipo/ Rhinoceros

Next week vocabulary words: Introduce Water Animals- Fish/ Shark/ Whale/ Dolphin/ Under the Sea



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