It´s a Jungle Out There!

This was our second week talking about wild animals, which we can find in a jungle or in a zoo. They have been fascinated by them! They have been really interested in learning more and more about these beautiful animals. Vocabulary words seen this week include: crocodile, tiger, kangaroo, bear, rhinoceros and hippopotamus.

This week was special for the Terrific Tigers because one of the days was dedicated to learning all about tigers.  They especially enjoyed perfecting their roar.

During Creativity Class, the kids enjoyed gluing pieces of different materials to create a rainforest. They have been working on all the material they worked with last week in order to create a cool rain forest.

During Physical Development, the Tigers have also been perfecting their choreography for the program we will be having in June. They are getting really good at it. We also introduced them to songs like “Animal Action I and II”, “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, “Going to the Zoo”, among others.

During Exploration Time our Tigers worked on wild animal puzzles, plush puppets, and played a lot with toy animals.

Stories read to them include topics related to this weeks’ theme. Such books are: Jungle Jeep, Put Me in the Zoo, Jungle Day, Where’s my Teddy? , and Curious George Visits the Zoo.

Our happy leaders for this week were Gabo, Lilia María, Andrés, Lázaro and Emilia. We were so happy and excited to celebrate birthday # 3 for Andrés Velez on Wednesday, May 11th and Emilia Jaime, on Friday, May 13th. We love to see them grow and enjoy their birthday celebration with their moms and dads and Mr. Mike´s special birthday crown. They love sharing cupcakes with their classmates.

We are  looking forward to next week when we will be teaching the Terrific Tigers all about sea animals and the ocean.

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