Introducing winter fun!

The Tiny Turtles enjoy looking at new materials during exploration time. It’s always a nice surprise, especially when we use sensory boxes.

This week, the Turtles did an activity with shaving cream.  We placed a box full of shaving cream with some toys inside to help kids look for them and stimulate their senses. We pretended the shaving cream was snow and had the kids look for different objects in the box.

During Creativity, the kids made a penguin with an empty plastic water bottle. They practiced their fine motor skills by placing cotton inside the bottle and later glued other parts of the penguin on to it.

In Physical Development, the Tiny Turtles had a blast dancing to the “Penguin Song” and one of the winter favorites, “Snowflake.” They also practiced their gross motor skills by climbing some cushions in the gym. They really enjoy running around all over the place.

We are looking forward to next weeks topics that include skating, skiing, and winter sports!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Cecy and Dany.

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