Introducing Spring Season!

We have started a new month….March! Spring is just around the corner! We have been talking to our Terrific Tigers about this wonderful season, introducing the vocabulary words related to Spring. Words such as rain, umbrellas, rain boots, sun, clouds, wind, water and rainbows have been seen during this first week of our new month.

One of the highlights of this week was planting a seed. They were able to put beans in cotton and adding water and watch the evolution of this seed turn into a plant. They have learned that taking care of a plant needs to have water, air and sunlight.

During Creativity Class they made a rain window simulating how rain looks through a window. They even listened to a recording of an actual  rain fall.

Story time has also been related using books on our new themes. Books read this week include: Spring is Here! Rain, The Seed Song, Good Morning Sun, Under the Sky, and What Makes a Rainbow?

Our leaders this week included Eva, David, Victor, Gabo and Fede. It is always a joy to see what they bring from home and how they show it to their classmates.

Next week we will be talking about our next holiday: Easter!  We would like to remind you to please bring egg shellls to school so our kids will have plenty of them and be able to paint them and look for them on their special Easter Parade!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and spend nice family time together!

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