Introducing Spring Season!

One of the highlights of this week was welcoming into our class room Antonella Vargas! The kids were very excited to have a new friend join their classroom! They are all getting along marvelously!

During creativity our tigers were really excited about planting their seeds! They were able to put beans in cotton and adding water and watch the evolution of this seed turn into a plant. They have learned that taking care of a plant needs to have water, air and sunlight. During Creativity Class they also made an umbrella using coffee filters they painted with markers and then used water to spread out the colors!

Story time has also been related using books on our new themes. Books read this week include: Spring is Here! Rain, The Seed Song, Good Morning Sun, Under the Sky, and What Makes a Rainbow?

Next week we will be talking about farm animals and have a lot of fun activities planned out for our tigers!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and spend nice family time together!

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