Introducing Shapes!

During this week, we reviewed the concepts that our Terrific Tigers had been learning during the month of September: My School, My Home, & Me, Myself, & I. It was amazing to see how many vocabulary words they learned and were able to use! To reinforce these concepts, our Tigers helped the teacher take out the basic items found in school box and named each one of them. They also love to touch and feel everything around them! Our students were very happy to make their  yellow school bus, using saltine crackers, spreadable American Cheese, Chex Mix Squares and Oreo cookies. They enjoyed eating most  of their school bus!

We have also started to introduce some of the basic shapes to our students during the final days of this week. Shapes such as circle and triangle were seen.  The class was shown real objects found in our home in the form of circles: a mirror, a ball, medals, a plastic glass, a paper plate, toys, etc. They enjoyed viewing all of these items with a circular shape. Tigers also made a pizza in order to review shapes: pepperoni circles and triangle slices. They loved creating their own pizzas and watching them bake in the oven. Of course, trying them was their favorite part!

In Creativity Class we have been practicing using scissors, learning the skill “open-close”. We worked on and finished a house with family members in it, and reviewing the basic shapes in this family (triangle, circle, square and oval for mother, father and baby). Using play doh is always fun for them and they played with it making shapes using special cookie cutters, too.

Having a book being read to them daily is very entertaining for them and we are happy watch them remain sitting down during this moment. They love to look at the pictures of the book! The surprise bag is always a time for guessing what is in it before the leader actually shows everybody what he/she brought!

Next week we will continue to talk about the shapes, including words such as square, rectangle, oval, lines and colors. Many interesting activities are planned for them during their stay with us in the mornings!

We wish you have a very pleasant weekend enjoying your family-time together!

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