Indians & Pilgrims

This week was all about introducing Thanksgiving ad various related concepts.

Our Tiny Turtles made some activities during exploration time related to this topic, like a shape turkey. We made this turkey using only circles, this was a different way to make a review of this shape. In order to role play when we danced the “five little Indians” song, the Turtles made an Indian headdress. They enjoyed painting it using crayons and markers, and to give it a finishing touch they spread some glue and top it off with glitter. Our thanksgiving party is just around the corner, with that in mind, kids made a thanksgiving pilgrim hat, using a paper cup and construction paper. For our party some of them will wear their Indian headdress and others their pilgrim hat. Children were very involved in the making of their fall discovery jars, which they filled up with some twigs, berries, acorns, fall leaves, food coloring, vegetable oil, glitter and water.

In Miss Cristy’s creativity class, we had a fun time playing with play dough and using a stamp with the first letter of our names . Anything that involves getting a little bit messy is a big hit with the kids, so making their Indian headdress and their scarecrow was very exciting! They used all kinds of materials, like a plastic glove, brown construction paper, rollers, orange string, tamale leaves, unicel balls and paint.

We are starting our dance rehearsal for our Christmas program! Tiny Turtles are doing great!

Have a nice weekend!

Vocabulary words: Sharing, thanksgiving, pilgrim, Indian, turkey and fish.

Next week´s  vocabulary words:   pilgrim, turkey, Indian, thanksgiving, and fish.


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