In the jungle…

We just finished the last week of jungle animals!  Tiny turtles learned about the crocodile, monkey, bear and rhinoceros. They enjoyed this theme a lot, always imitating the animal sounds, and loving the books that had pictures of them.

In exploration time, the kids had fun with a sensory box that had different kinds of pasta and plastic jungle animals. The Tiny Turtles were happy to play with our jungle plush animals and with the “tower of zoo” toy with a ball.

In creativity time, they finished their “Jungle” project, kids pasted the “estopa” and pasta for the trees. They had a blast making a zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey and tiger using different techniques and materials. They loved the experience!  They also started making a bear with fork prints. They liked working with different textures and materials.

We want to thank you all for the kind appreciation we felt on Teacher’s Day! We feel fortunate to be involved in your child’s education and blessed for the amazing opportunity of growing and learning together every day. We love being teachers and we want to thank you for trusting us with the most important and valuable treasure of all: Your kids!

It was superkid Loreto’s birthday on Thursday! Her Mommy and Daddy brought some doughnuts to share with her friends. (Thank you!) Mr. Mike made a super special birthday crown for Loreto, and her dad carried her to take her on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!


We look forward to “taking a dive” into our nextr topic: The Sea!

Hope you have a great weekend!

With love,

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany, Roby and Mariana

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