If You’re Happy and You Know It!

This week our main topic was feelings. We reviewed these concepts by doing different activities). Our students also enjoyed learning about different feelings using colors that identify each one of them (Red for angry, blue sad, orange for surprised, purple for sleepy, yellow for happy, green for sick.)

In creativity, this week we worked with pompoms & water colors… they really enjoyed exploring the materials. Also turtles played with a color sorting box, we cut holes in the box with different colors, and the kids found and placed the balls inside them. We had a blast with this activity! Also they practiced their fine motor skills playing with a box and popsicles where they put the sticks inside the box. Finally, we made a Mexican flag using red and green paper. They really enjoyed working with glue.

In physical development with Miss Mely, turtles are learning how to march, and follow instructions in a fun way. Another activity we did this week to develop their gross motor skills was kicking a ball, and surprisingly they were really good at it! Playing and dancing “Conga” with the maracas was a highlight and the kids are beginning to enjoy the ive minutes prior to leaving our physical development class where everybody gets to lay down and relax. Miss Mely helps them stretch their arms and legs to get to cool off.

Our topics for next week will be: Mom & Dad/ Sister, brother and baby/ Grandma and Grandpa/ Family review.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Nadia

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