If You’re Happy and You Know It

This week our main topic was feelings. Our little ones enjoyed learning about different feelings using colors to identify each one of them: red for angry, blue for sad, yellow for happy, etc.

In Creativity Time children applied different techniques using paper plates to create faces that represented different feelings. They had a blast using the different textures and materials.

During physical development, our students are learning how to jump, and follow instructions in a fun way. They are starting to get a hold of action cues through the “Listen and Move” song. To develop their gross motor skills, we have been kicking, throwing and catching balls. All kids are becoming better and better at performing these tasks!

Next week we will be talking about family! We are sure that our kiddos will be really excited.

Remember that on Monday 17th we do not have classes. See you on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!

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