I love Fall!

Dear Parents:

Tiny turtles learned about fun and interesting topics such as: air- hot –cold, water- hard or soft (ice, water), sand, seasons, colors of the fall (orange, brown, red and yellow) and a review of shapes and colors all around us.

Today it was Felipe’s turn to bring his mysyery bag, and he had a lot of fun stuff to show and share with his friends. A truck with a remote control, a puzzle, two books and a helicopter, you could see happy faces everywhere and Felipe enjoyed sharing with his friends.

Felipe’s mommy, Brenda, sent some yummy apple muffins for everyone in his classroom. During snack time everyone enjoyed a very tasty muffin as well as their own snacks. Thank you so much! The muffins were delicious!

During exploration time we made a very cool “science” experiment to teach the kids about air: hot and cold. We had some crayons pasted on a black cardboard and with the help of a blow-dryer turtles melted the colors and watched how they spread in zig zag lines all over our cardboard. Your little ones are at a stage where they love to explore and discover things on their own, so you can imagine how happy they were to look out for treasures (magic coins) inside our sand box.  Today they made a quick review of the shapes by playing and pasting all the different shapes on the “Geo Tree” we made last week.

The yellow room is always full of surprises and our studets love their creativity class with Miss Cristy. This week they got to experiment with different textures and cool science experiments. One was the “Puffy paint” activity made out of red paint, shaving cream and white glue. After the mix was put together Miss Maricusa helped us by placing our “Puffy paint” mix in the microwave. Tiny Turtles blew on their paint so it would get cooler, and then with their fingers they made a nice painting on craft paper. Miss Cristy had a very special surprise for our class on Wednesday, a campfire! Children had the chance to roast marshmallows. Such a tasty treat! While sitting around the campfire and learning about heat and fire. This week our special project was the “Fall Tree” made out of construction paper, glue, paint and sponges, as well as glitter. Kids only used fall colors: red, orange, yellow and brown.

Physical development with Miss Mely is so much fun! Moving and dancing around, getting to play all sorts of different musical instruments like tambourines, maracas, etc. Since we are in the month of October, Miss Mely is teaching the kids some cool Halloween songs and videos, to introduce some of the Halloween concepts they’re going to learn next week. Turtles love to play with balls and today they got into pairs, sitting across each other with their legs open so they could roll the ball back and forth.

Books we loved this week: “Five little pumpkins”/ “Where is baby’s pumpkin”/ “Opposites”/ “Five little monsters”

Video of the week: – Super simple songs “Go away!”

Movie of the week: Winnie the Pooh “Seasons of giving”

This week’s vocabulary words were: Air-hot & cold – water –hard & soft (ice, water) (red. blue)/ Sand sift to find treasures and fire –blow candles/ Seasons (summer-fall)/ The Fall: Trees and leaves (colors: green, orange, red, yellow, brown)/ Sorting (shape and color review/ recognize and name)

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen



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