I Love Fall!

Tiny Turtles learned about fun and interesting topics such as: Lines and colors, seasons, colors of the fall (orange, brown, red and yellow) and a review of shapes and colors all around us.

In exploration time we made a very cool “science” experiment to teach the kids about We had some crayons pasted on a white cardboard and with the help of a hair blow-dryer turtles melted the colors and watched how they spread in zig zag lines all over our cardboard. Your little ones are at a stage where they love to explore and discover things on their own, so you can imagine how happy they were to look out for treasures (magic coins) inside our sand box. Today they made a quick review of the shapes by playing and pasting all the different shapes in our “shapes board”. Also they explored and played with different types of leaves… so much fun!

Creativity time is always full with surprises and kiddos love and enjoy their art. This week they got to experiment with different textures. They used some shapes sponges and paint to stamp craft paper. For fall this week they used the cookie cutters and some fall colors: orange, yellow and brown, and they printed on craft paper, too.

Physical development with Miss Mely is so much fun, moving and dancing around. Since we are in the month of October Miss Mely is teaching the kids some cool Halloween songs and videos, to introduce some of the Halloween concepts they’re going to learn next week.

Our topics for next week will be: Cat – witch/ Ghost –Goblin/ Spider/ Haunted house/ Costumes & makeup

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Nadia, Mariana and Martha



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