Hopping Around!

The Big Bears are getting ready for our Easter Parade! It will take place on Wednesday, April 10th at 9:45am in the Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

Thank you for bringing eggshells! Next Monday, the kids will be working with some white eggshells by painting and filling them with confetti, so they can be used for the Easter egg hunt.

The Big Bears had a lot of fun doing different activities such as wearing bunny ears and role playing to the Bunny Hop. They also enjoyed weaving baskets, playing hide and seek, and rabbit races while carrying carrots. They also did a science experiment using magnets. Big Bears were impressed with it.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike made the Big Bears role play several Bunny activities. They had lots of fun singing,dancing, and playing.

They also learned the following song:

“Easter Rabbit, Easter Rabbit,

Here he comes, here he comes,

Hiding easter eggs, hiding easter eggs,

Oh what fun, oh what fun!”

Have a nice weekend!

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