Honey Bunny

This week we learned about the Easter Bunny, the Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “bunny”, “easter”, “eggs”, “basket”, “hide” and “seek”.

Mr. Mike’s Circle Time was a great! He introduced the Easter Bunny and showed us how to paint Easter eggs. Also, we learned how the Easter eggs have a surprise inside.

Creativity was super fun! The kiddos made an Easter bunny. They rolled golf balls with paint all over the  bunny to decorate it. We also colored an Easter egg with circle sponges and an easter basket with dot-a-dot markers.

During Physical Development, we wore bunny ears and hopped into hula-hoops to the Bunny Hop song. The kiddos enjoyed and had  lots of fun trying to find shaky eggs all around the gym. We’re getting them ready for the Easter Parade that will be next Wednesday, April 10th at Colonia Sierra Madre Park.

We’ll see you there!

Have a great weekend!

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