Hello September!

This week our main topics were body parts and feelings. We reviewed these concepts through different activities: first, the body parts song. The kids are dancing more and more every day. Our students also enjoyed learning about different feelings using colors that identify each one of them (Red for angry, blue for sad, orange for surprised, purple for sleepy, yellow for happy and green for sick). They also played with sensory gel bags and with the sensory board exploring different textures. During exploration time the kids enjoyed playing with different types of balls as well as with the cars and trucks.

In creativity time, children worked with paint. The activity named “no messy paint” was a complete success! We used a taped bag over construction paper so they could move the paint with their fingers creating a work of art. Also, this week they worked with crayons, coloring a plate with red crayons that was used to make an angry face. Kiddos are at an age where they love to explore and discover things on their own, and they’re just doing that!

In physical development with Miss Mely, Turtles are learning how to march, and follow instructions in a fun way; they are starting to get a hold of the “Listen and Move” song and the “One Little Finger”, practicing the body parts. Another activity we did this week to develop their gross motor skills was kicking a ball and five minutes prior to leaving our PD (physical development) class everybody gets to lay down and relax.

Kids are having so much fun!

Have a nice weekend

Miss Nadia & Co.

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