Hello Easter!

What a fun week! The Tiny Turtles are looking forward for their Easter party and parade. We have been very excited preparing for the event.

During creativity, the turtles were hands on with the main activities. Using a hammer they had a lot of fun smashing egg shells. They then pasted the pieces on to an egg drawing on a paper. The next day, they painted it using a paint brush and mixing different paints to make Easter colors.

Another fun activity was when the kids made a bunny. They glued cotton balls onto a paper plate. The kids participated a lot and really enjoyed these activities, They were really into it!

During Exploration, we were “rehearsing” for the egg hunt by finding some plastic Easter eggs and placing them in baskets.

On Tuesday we used a real carrot as a stamp to paint a carrot. Students also played with plush bunnies, plastic eggs and baskets all week. They are now very familiar with all things Easter!

Today, during recess, the kids got to paint some egg shells using vinegar and food coloring. They used some strainers and dipped them in this solution.

During Physical Development, the kids especially enjoyed dancing to the “Bunny Hop” song. Now more and more of our Tiny Turtles are getting their feet off the ground when they hop.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and you have a super fun time with your little ones! Don´t forget to get their Easter cars ready!

Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby.

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