Hello December!

This week the Tiny Turtles did great in class! They seem to be enjoying the daily routine more and more every day. We introduced all things Christmas this week and had many fun activities.

In art we started our Santa project. We painted a paper plate and we are using marshmallows to create Santa`s beard. The kids also painted green as they worked on making Christmas Trees.

During story time, the kids really enjoyed the “Santa`s Helpers” book. We also went over letter sounds and the ABC`s just about every day.

One of the Tiny Turtles` favorite activities of the week was during exploration: the kids had a blast making and playing with fake snow. We used baking soda and hair conditioner to make the substance and the kids got to feel the texture and the cool temperature of the snow.

Finally, on Friday, we had Santa Claus visit Toddler Tree. The Tiny Turtles smiled big to take their pictures. We are excited to see how they turned out.

Next week we will be preparing for our Frozen Show that will take place on December, 13th. We will be practicing a lot and hope the kids are happy to get on stage and do their dances!


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