Having A Spooktacular Time

This week was such a fun experience for the Busy Bees! During Physical Development, they really enjoyed dancing to all the Halloween songs. We used hula hoops, pom-poms, tambourines, among other props and even dressed up in different costumes!

Our students also had a blast working on their Itsy Bitsy Spider during Creativity Class. They also really enjoyed playing with ghost googly mixture  (shaving cream, glitter  and glue).

Next week, we are going to practice walking slowly and carefully for our parade. Remember, the parade is this Wednesday, October 31st.

The kids are so excited!

Here are some reminders:
1. Kids arrival time is at 9:00am, please do not send lunch boxes. Just a bag to collect goodies and treats. Whatever your send to share with classmates (candies), please label only who it is from.
2. Admission for the 10:30am parade will be 2 people per family.
3. Parking is limited (consider Uber).
4. Please leave the kinder without entering the classrooms. This is to avoid disturbing the children.
5. If it rains, the parade will be held for students only.

Hope you have and amazing weekend!



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