Having A Holly Jolly Time!

Thanksgiving vacations are over and we were happy to see all our friends back at kinder!

We are very excited about Christmas and learning everything related to it. This week was dedicated to: Christmas Tree, Angels, Wreath, Chimney, and Stockings. We were searching for these items on our Bulletin Board and around the classroom. And of course kids already learned who Santa is and they are very excited to say hello to him every morning (we have one on the wall).

During Creativity Time we made little Christmas Trees, beautiful wreaths, a chimney and stockings for gifts. Turtles always get very creative and learn hand movements at the same time.

In Circle time, Mr. Mike played a very famous Christmas song with his accordion – Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Kiddos really loved it and they get very happy every time they hear this tune.

Physical Developement has been our time for learning our Christmas Dance. Kids are learning their moves for the performance that we will have on December 18th at Candy Gum in Plaza San Pedro.

Next week, we will continue learning more about Christmas!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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