Happy Thanksgiving!

This short week we reviewed the vocabulry words seen over the last weeks about Thanksgiing….indians, pilgrims, teppe, hunt, fish, and the meaning of Thaksgiving.

On Tuesday we had our Thanksgiving celebration. Mr. Mike, Mrs. Maricusa dressed up as pilgrims, Ms. Cristy as an indian and the kids recognized their outfits when they saw them!┬áNovember room mothers prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal and we set it up on an elegant table. Thank you! Our Terrific Tigers group went to view the table with the food and Mrs. Maricusa explained all the different types of food, including turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberries, pumpkin pie and pecan pie… everything was delicious!!

After the food display, the kids were served a plate with all the different types of food from this Thanksgiving meal. It was very nice to see that most of our students tasted everything on their plate. Some of them actually ate everything and some of them even asked for seconds!! It all tasted great.

Sophie’s mom, Barbara came to our classroom on Monday and talked to the children about Hanukkah celebration. Sophie shared chocolate “coins”, and some beautiful cupcakes decorated with the traditional Hanukkah ornaments. Thank-you Sophie and her mom, Barbara, for sharing this experience with our Terrific Tigers group!

No classes this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will be returning to kinder on Monday, December 2nd, focusing on themes related to the month of December and practicing for our Winter Festival.

We would like to remind you to please mark the sweaters and jackets of your children so they won’t get mixed up.

Please take a look at our pictures. They are related to our Thanksgiving Celebration…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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