Happy Thanksgiving

Even though we had a short week we enjoyed every single moment. Big Bears had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving. Before the feast, we had the opportunity of participating in a role-play presentation as turkeys. We sang and recited our rhymes. The kids had a view of the buffet table and shared delicious dishes in the classroom tasting turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. After eating, all Toddler Tree students rotated around planned centers including: magnet fishing, pasting feathers on a turkey, and identifying color games.

All these delicious meals were provided by our dearest room mothers. Thank you moms!

Here are the following pictures of what we did this week:

As you know there will be no classes due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration. Classes will resume on Monday December 2nd.

Enjoy your child these days and get ready for December!

Let´s be grateful and thankful for this wonderful year!

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