Happy, Sad, Angry or Surprised?

This week was so much fun! Kids met their new teacher Ms.Yana and learned about feelings. Tiny Turtles were clapping their hands when they were happy, making a crying face when they were sad, stamping their feet when they were angry, saying “oh” when they were surprised and covering their mouth when they coughed.

In Creativity, all kids made 4 feelings masks. They had so much fun playing with these masks!

During physical development Turtles ran, jumped and danced a lot. We are also learning the movements of the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song, which they really love!

Next week, we will be learning about everything regarding family. Tiny Turtles will surely have a blast!

Today we celebrated Mexican Independence Day and our kiddos made Mexican Flags with their little hand prints.Have a nice weekend and remember that on Monday, Sep 17th, we don’t have classes due to the anniversary of the Mexican Independence. We hope to see you all on Tuesday!

Movie of the week: “Inside Out”

Vocabulary words: Happy, Sad, Angry, Mad, Sick, Surprised.

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