Happy New Year Caterpillars!

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hoped you had an amazing Christmas break.

This week we welcomed the kiddos with a new theme, winter. They learned vocabulary words such as “igloo”, “eskimo”, “snow” “penguin” and “ice”. They also learned that the last number of the year has changed, no more 2018, welcome 2019!

During Cricle Time with Mr. Mike, played “Happy New Year” on his accordion and the kids loved it!

The Caterpillars really enjoyed Physical Development. They danced along to the “Freeze Dance”. They were really good at it and had so much fun.

In Creativity, we made snowflakes out of tongue depressors.  They also used ice paint to paint craft paper. Lastly, they used circle sponges with white paint to paint snow.

Next week we will be learning about winter clothes. Please send your little ones with some items such as scarfs, boots, mittens and beanies.

We look forward for Parent´s conference next Thursday January 17th.

Have a great weekend!

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