Happy New Year!

Dear Tiny Turtles parents

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and that you enjoyed spending time with your loved ones on such special days. On this new year 2018 we want to wish you all the best, health, blessings and love for your families.

We are so happy to see our tiny turtles! Miss Mariana and I missed them very much. We’re still missing some of them, but hope to see everybody back on Monday.

This week was all about getting into our routine, remembering our favorite songs and activities at kinder. In exploration time we played with fake snow and kidos loved it! Also we palyed with some winter animals.

In our creativity class turtles enjoyed making a hot chocolate and ice-cream, reviewing hot and cold. They used sponges with blue and red paint. Also this week they use foam un blue paint and they were very exited with this texture! Turtles are more into it every day.

Have a nice weekend!

Our topics for next week will be: Winter clothes & shoes- Boots/ Coat -Jacket/ Mittens- Gloves/ Cap- Hat/ winter review

Miss Nadia



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