Happy Holidays!

Christmas is one of the very special months of the year where we get to teach all kids, about sharing and love, as well as behaving ourselves and be good for Santa to bring us toys. Vocabulary words that we have been reviewing include gifts, reindeer, sharing, toys, elves, Santa´s workshop, sleigh, Mama Claus and train.

During exploration, we worked on decorating and coloring a big Christmas tree with lots of colors and different ornaments.

During story time, we have been reviewing all about the season and how we spend time with our families, cook together, unwrap gifts and finally we go to sleep so Santa and his reindeers can come home leave some toys for everyone.

During Art class, they have been very busy making, gluing and choosing their favorite colors to decorate their Christmas tree ornaments as well as their stockings.

Physical Development has been fun, we have been running around dancing and singing our jingle bells. They really enjoy the “Little drummer boy song” when Miss Mely gave a drum to each one and did a great job by following her rhythm.

During circle time, we roleplay lots of songs with Miss Cristy, using props such as Santa’s hat, Santa’s beard, reindeer antlers, and reindeers red nose.

Finally, we worked on the gift for all parents, a “Mistle toes picture”, using foot prints.

We hope you like it!

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