Happy Holidays!!

During this week our Terrific Tigers group finished your presents. They were very excited to finally give you the gifts that they have been working on for so many days. It was nice to see the progress made in their effort in making their crafts. We hope they were able to tell you that they are cellular phone holders, one made specially for mom and another one for dad.

We took advantage of this nice weather this week and were able to go out to recess every day this week. The kids really enjoy going out to play.

Miss Yayis and I are very proud with our students since they are able to recognize the vocabulary works seen during this month. They are also able to answer in a complete sentence, when they are asked what they see, for example, they answer: “I see a reindeer”.

Santiago ParĂ¡s celebrated his birthday on Friday, December 20th. He is now 3 years old. He was our Super Kid this week. Mr. Mike entered our classroom and we all sang the “Happy Birthday” song to him with his special accordion. Santiago’s mom came to our classroom and brought cupcakes to share. Finally, Santiago received his unique crown made especially for him by Mr. Mike. We had a really fun time!

We wish you have a wonderful time of fellowship with your family and friends over the holidays. We will surely miss the kids and will be happy to receive them back in school on Tuesday, January 7th. Please take care and enjoy your family time!

We hope you enjoy the pictures we have been taking over this week in their daily activities!

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